Time-lapse Videos: An Introduction


Since I'm back at university now and have a bit of extra free time to dedicate to creative pursuits, it is my intention that each Monday afternoon (for the foreseeable future) I will create a pastel sketch. I have done three of them so far (which can be found at my website, or on instagram under the hashtag #madartmondays - haha). It's been really nice each Monday to get home from class, put the washing in and sit down with my little pastel box and some paper. Along with each sketch, I plan to film a time-lapse video like this one - basically, a step-by-step sped up clip of the sketching process, yay! I will systematically upload them to this blog. 

This time-lapse clip is my first (but not my last!) Please enjoy it. 

PS. For this video, I used Adobe Premier Pro CS6 to condense 3.5 hours of footage into 3.15 minutes - I've never really used the software before but I found it pretty neat!


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