Shooting with ZISSpop!

This past week I had the pleasure of photographing some beautiful ladies - Kpop cover group ZISSpop! (who also happen to be my friends / sister!). They do a bunch of awesome dance covers of Kpop songs. So far to date they've competed in worldwide competitions (one of them judged by a famous Kpop group), been on TV a few times, danced at various events and scored employment with the Korean culture office (traveling and teaching dance classes) - all in the space of a year! I'm super happy for their successes and was also really keen to have the opportunity to photograph / make them up (as I always love to do).

Dance covers and vlogs are uploaded to their YouTube channel,!
You can also find them on Facebook here!

Some of the pictures I took are below- if you'd like to see the full collection, follow ZISSpop on Facebook over the next few days ;) #shamelessZISSpoppromotion