DIY: Gold Jewelled Headband

Hello lovely readers!
I stumbled upon today's DIY idea on another blog. The original project was based on a Dolce & Gabbana headband that looks like this:

...isn't it beautiful? 

Beautiful and costly, at over $1,000 (who spends that much on a headband?).
Despite the price tag, I really liked it - I had never seen a headband like that before and so when I found Maegan's DIY version of it I knew I had to make one too! 
I ended up just using clear / pink gemstones from an old necklace instead of the multicoloured ones seen above. Nonetheless I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Statement accessories mean you can make otherwise boring, plain outfits look interesting without really even trying - so I'm a big fan.
If you're as fond of a gold headband as I am and would like to make your own, please keep reading!

- A headband to work with.
- Some gold ribbon.
- Some gold patterned trimming to add interest and texture (available from fabric / craft stores).
- Various gem stones / gold vintage buttons / whatever else you'd like to put on your headband. You don't even have to shop for these if you've got old necklaces / brooches etc lying around.
- Some strong glue for sticking and for sealing edges.

Gather your supplies together!

First glue some gold ribbon all the way around your headband. 
This way, if you have any 'gaps' at the end, your base will be gold and the gaps will be unnoticeable!

In dealing with the ends of the ribbon, you can either fold them under and glue them to the headband, or you can cut them off and apply some glue along the frayed edge to seal it in place.
Once glued, wait for your ribbon to dry.

When your glue is dry, you may want to trim the ribbon so that it more closely fits the shape of the headband (where it starts to taper). If you do this, your ribbon will fray along the edges so you'll need to seal them with some glue and wait for that to dry too.

Next, glue some trimming around the headband, following one of the edges.
When you get to the end of the headband, either fold the trim under and glue it to the ribbon on the headband, or cut the trimming off and seal it with glue.
(I used the folding method, but cutting off and sealing is what I probably should have done - it would have saved a lot of time!)
Once glued, wait for your trimming to dry.

Once your first layer of trimming is dry and you can safely handle your headband without it falling apart, apply a second layer along the opposite edge of the headband (like in the above picture).

When your trimmings are all dry, glue your gemstones to your headband in whatever fashion you'd like.
Add any other embellishments you want, like glitter, buttons, lace, more trimming... the options are many!
I used some cuttings from an old rhinestone necklace I had never worn. 
My super strong, super fast-drying glue had run out by this point :( So I had to tie some string around my gems while the new glue set to make sure that they wouldn't fall off!

Once you've added your gems and let them dry, you've finished! Yay!

The day I made this headband my sister was going to a dress up party, so she wore it as part of her costume.
It got some good use the day it was made! What more could a DIY girl want? :)

Note: An even quicker way you could create a similar look is by spraying a regular headband with some gold spray paint, sticking some gemstones on and sealing it with glue or spray adhesive! Super easy!

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