DIY: Simple Summer Top!

Hey there readers! Today's DIY is this cute summer top, which works very well as an outfit with the shorts I posted recently. I'm a big fan of all things high-waisted, so I've made this top to finish at the waist so that it can be worn with high-waisted shorts / pants / a skirt. Feel free to adapt your top if another style suits you better!

Before you start this project, have a look at this post where I outline the pattern for it.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Make sure you use stretch fabric for this project (this is what makes it quick and easy!) If you want to use a non-stretch fabric, you'll need to put a zip in to one of the side seams. That's something you can do if you're a more experienced sewer, but I won't be covering that in this post!

First step, as always, is gathering your supplies!

Cut out the front panel of your top from your selected fabric, using your pattern piece as a guide.

Once you have cut out a panel from your chosen fabric, fold the pattern piece back over itself until you can see the marked bust point. Then, cut a slit in your fabric from the bottom up to where it lines up with the marked bust point. Next, cut a straight line from the bust point out to halfway across the sleeve curve.
(It sounds complicated, but it's as easy as the above pictures!)

You should have something that looks like the above picture now!
In order to avoid the hassle of creating darts, we're just going to cut two triangles into the fabric (as above) to create room for the bust.

Because I'm using different coloured fabrics for my top, I've taken the white side panels of my top and used them as mini patterns to create beige side panels which I will actually use. 
The above picture on the right shows what my top will look like! Yours should look similar (except all in one colour, if that's the way you're doing it!)

I decided to add a bit of interest / quirkiness to my design so I grabbed a fabric marker and added some tribal-style markings to my side panels.

The next step is to attach your side panels to the main panel - by sewing them of course! 
Because the side panels are cut-out shapes, they are a little tricky to sew right sides together. In the picture below I've included a little guide for sewing this type of tricky shape. 

Now that that's done, your whole front panel is complete!

The next step is to cut out your back panel using your pattern. I'm using a grey stretch fabric from an old top that I was going to get rid of.

Once you've got your back panel cut out, grab your front panel again! Place the two on top of each other, right sides together facing inwards (that means you should be able to see the seams, like in the picture!)
Next, create seams along the sides and along the shoulder line, where the arrows indicate in the picture. 

The next step is hemming! Hurrah! Create hems along the neckline, sleeves and bottom edge of your top. To do this, fold about a centimetre of the edge back on itself and sew it there.

And there you have it! A lovely waist length top. Now you can pair it with jeans, shorts, a skirt... and once you have the pattern you can use it to make a lovely dress too!
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Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Your DIY posts are so clear and well photographed! I'm really visual, haha, so the pics really help. Gonna try this just as soon as my new dressmaking book arrives...can you do a DIY skirt tutorial sometime? :) Jessie

    1. Hey Jessie! Awesome blog! :) Thanks so much for the feedback! I've had a couple of requests for a skirt tutorial, so I'll put it on my list. Keep up your creative works! :)