DIY: Top 5 Designs from my 30 Day Nail Art Challenge

Back in May this year I undertook my first nail art challenge, which involved painting a new nail design each day (on either my nails or someone else's) for 30 days in a row. It was great fun and was indeed a challenge. When I started it I was hoping to give people some creative ideas, and maybe to inspire one or two people to try it out for themselves. I wasn't expecting the feedback that I got and I was pretty humbled by the interest people showed in my designs that month - and also by the subsequent interest in nail art (and some awesome designs!) that blossomed among many of my friends and acquaintances!

I thought perhaps I'd add a nail art section to my blog, with tutorials on the designs I used in my May challenge as well as some new ones. To kick it off, I'll be posting step-by-step instructions over the next few months for how you can create the top five most 'liked' designs of my May challenge.

Here are the designs I'll be making tutorials for:

 5. Miniature photographic nail art

 4. Bambi themed

3. Floral

2. Sugar / Candy themed

1. Ariel / The Little Mermaid

As a matter of interest - if you're keen to give the challenge a go - here it is:

Stay tuned and keep reading! :)


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