Marble Nails

Before I get stuck into my tutorials for the Top 5 Designs of my 30 Day Nail Art Challenge, here's a quick tutorial for creating a marble effect on your nails. This is my alternative to the 'water marble' effect, which I tested out once and found to be a little more stressful than I was ready for, haha :) This one is super easy and just takes your favourite coloured polishes (two or three colours generally works best), plus a sponge, a toothpick and a surface on which you can pour and mix your polishes.

^These are the colours I'll be using. I'm also going to use an old plastic plate for mixing.

First, pour your colours next to each other, pretty close like above.

Grab a toothpick and swirl some patterns into your colours, streaking them together in whatever way tickles your fancy.

Next get your sponge and dab it gently on your nail polish so you get the pattern you want come up on the sponge.

Dab the sponge gently on your nail to transfer the pattern. You can also just directly dab your nail into the polish if that's how you want to do it. Test what method works best.
I probably should have put tape on my fingers to section off the nails and avoid mess, but that's okay. I'm going to clean off the excess with nail polish remover later.
Note: I painted a base coat on my nails first to solidify the colour, but this isn't necessary. I just did it so I wouldn't have to put more than one marbling layer on.

You should have a marbled / painted look like this now. Once you've done your whole hand, grab a cue tip or a small paintbrush and dip it in nail polish remover. Then 'paint' off the excess around your nails.

And we're done! Super quick and easy, and without the hassle of dipping your nails in water a bunch of times.

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