Photo Nails

Ever wanted to put photographs on your nails? Pictures of baby bunnies, a scenic view, your friends, loved ones or that guy you've had your eye on for ages but don't know how to express your love for? (just joking, it's probably not the best way to do that)! Well, wonder no more how it can be done! Here it is, the first tutorial of my Top 5. :)

The way I attached the images to my nails was with tiny print-outs and nail glue. You can also use the transfer method (rubbing alcohol on the back of the image while holding it to your nail - like a temporary tattoo) or create nail decals on a special sort of decal paper. 

I prefer this way, mostly because 1) the only time I tried the transfer method it ended up coming out faded and didn't look as effective, and 2) I didn't have any decal paper / I haven't tried that method as yet.

You'll need a base / top coat, a base colour to paint your nails, some nail glue, tweezers for holding your teeny photos, scissors, nail polish remover and a paint brush (for cleaning any excess nail polish) and any other embellishments you might want to put on your nails. You'll also need to print out little pictures that you want to stick on your nails. 

First step is painting your nails a base colour (I chose white because it works pretty well for this sort of thing!)

Next, cut out the images you picked. I chose some teeny little baby animals purely because the pictures themselves are teeny and I thought it would be cute (look at that wittle puppy's face)! 
Cut the pictures out and stick them to your nails (next step) one at a time so you don't lose them as you go along.

Put some nail glue on your nail, over your dry base coat of colour (don't apply nail glue directly to your bare nail - that's super bad for it and will take forever to come off!)
Next, stick your little picture to your nail. 

Note: If your picture is cut into a tricky shape, it helps to dampen it with a little water before gluing so it wraps around the nail shape more easily.

Repeat the process for as many nails on which you'd like to stick pictures.
Stick your pictures carefully and press down on each one while it dries to make sure it stays put.

You could leave it at this point (just add a top coat to seal it all in place), but you can also add extra details. I used a lace trim nail sticker and some extra pink polish to cute-ify the design a little more!
Finish it off with a top coat and clean any excess with your nail polish remover and paint brush.

There you have it - photographic nail art! Yay! :) 
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, have a lovely day!


  1. Wow, I thought this would be really hard, but now I reckon I could give it a go ^_^ Pretty tempted to try Beatles nails, hehe, but I loved the baby animals (dat duckling)!!

    1. Thanks - awesome idea with the Beatles nails! :)