Monica & Mark: An Engagement Shoot

On Tuesday I had the delight of photographing this beautiful couple on the occasion of their engagement. I met Monica at college and Mark soon after, and they are a massively sweet couple (and very photogenic too!) with a beautiful faith and a love which is very evidently self-giving and humble. It was an honour to be able to capture some moments with them on camera - they were dressed beautifully and Monica even made super cute bunting! Afterwards I was treated to a lovely dinner with them which I greatly appreciated, given we were all super hungry at the end of the shoot :)

I really liked the personal touches they brought along - a picnic, the bunting, books they had read and enjoyed together, a beautiful little ring box and some paper planes for fun! I am looking forward to their wedding later this year and I pray that their future together is abundantly blessed! :)

Here are some of the photos!

Location: Fagan Park, Galston.


  1. i nearly cried when looking at all of those - so beautiful!!!

  2. Nice Photos Jenna! - Happy for my Brother and Soon to be Sister In Law, God Bless you both on this journey, together!