DIY: Planet Themed Woven Necklace

So after I made my woven chain necklace, I was really excited at the idea of making more. 
I wanted to make one that looked different in some way from my first one, so I hunted around my house for some craft supplies that I could add to jazz it up. I wasn't really sure what I'd find or how it would inspire me.
Then, I came across some marbles and thought to myself, 'how could I use marbles in this necklace?'
For some reason the next thought I had was 'I know! I'll turn them into planets and make a solar system themed necklace!' know, the standard option.
Anyway I armed myself with some blue wool and tiny pearl beads (for stars) and got to work!
If you'd like to make your own planet-themed necklace, please read on :)

- Two shades of blue wool. The darker the better - black could also work really well.
- A sewing / embroidery needle.
- Some cotton / thread.
- Acrylic paints and a brush.
- A very strong glue (I used a super glue pen bought at a craft shop).
- 8 marbles for the planets.
- A length of chain (as long as you want your necklace to be).
- A jewellery fastener / clasp.
- 8 bead caps for attaching the marbles. They are curved and look like this:

Alright! First get 8 bead caps and thread a strand of cotton through two openings opposite each other.
Then use a very strong glue to attach the threaded bead caps to your 8 marbles, and wait for them to dry.

Note: if your bead caps have little loops on top of them, don't worry about threading them. You can do that later :)

When the marbles are dry, grab your paints and paint them like planets!

I painted mine in different sessions, layering colours on top of each other and leaving time between each layer for them to dry. For Saturn's rings, I wrapped around a piece of cord and glued it in place.

While you wait for your paint to dry, follow the instructions for the woven chain necklace (<---click there!) and make the necklace using your blue wool and chain.

When your marble planets are dry, attach them to your necklace with the thread in the bead caps.
Make sure you attach them at even intervals.

Next, use your glue to attach some smaller beads / glitter / whatever else you'd like to the blue wool braid part of your necklace. This is to create 'stars' in the blue wool 'sky'... haha.

And there you have it! Your planet necklace is done. 
It's obviously very stylised, since the planets are all the same size and the sky / stars are quite 'neat' looking. But I think it's worked out to be quite a nice representation :)
The next challenge is finding ways to wear it! ;) haha. 
I think it could look nice with a white or black top and a denim vest.

As always, please let me know if you give this a try!

Until next time,


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