Fenelle & Hugh: An Engagement Shoot

This past Thursday I got to photograph these two in celebration of their engagement. I met Fenelle and Hugh in our first year of study at Campion College, where they also met each other! So naturally, that's the location they picked for their pictures. The campus is quite beautiful and the light was perfect that afternoon, so it turned out to be a wonderful choice for photos even apart from the sentimental value it held for this couple. I had a really lovely time photographing these guys - they are both warm, fun, engaging people and it's plain to see that they care deeply for one another, which always translates well into photographs! It's also always a delight to be able to photograph people with whom I'm already familiar, and it was a great opportunity for a bit of a catch up too.

As a side note I also realised, shooting in an environment which I visit on a regular basis for study and work, that there are a few really nice 'hidden gems' (in terms of physical spaces on campus) that I hadn't stopped to notice before. The grounds have received a lot of TLC over the last few years and the results are lovely.

I'm super excited for these guys' wedding in November (not going to lie, mostly because I know Fenelle will look stunning in her dress and I can't wait to photograph that!) and stoked that I'll have the privilege of being a part of it. I pray that Fenelle and Hugh will have a beautiful life together with many joys to come! :)

Here is a small selection of photographs from the shoot.

Location: Campion College, Old Toongabbie.